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Girls CAN Do Pull-ups!

The New York Times Magazine explains “Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups.” Really?!? Oakland’s Circus Spire Youth Troupe Members Prove the Article Wrong!

At Kinetic Arts Center, the Circus Spire Youth Troupe (comprised mostly of girls) bust out pull-ups everyday and are a huge source of pride for each of the girls. BAH on The New York Times Magazine!

At Kinetic Arts Center, not only do we have powerful girls doing A LOT of pull-ups (the correct kind), but we also have a huge group of women circus performers doing them as well – Everyday! 

Kinetic Arts Center’s Circus Girls CAN Do Pull-ups

Pull ups


The New York Times Magazine explains “Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups.”  Really?!?  Oakland’s Circus Spire Youth Troupe Members Prove the Article Wrong!    


The New York Times Magazine! 


OAKLANDThe New York Times Magazine posted a column by Tara Parker-Pope titled, “Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups.”  The article is slated to go out in the October 28th edition.  While we are sure fact checkers were all over the article before it was published, one fact remains for Kinetic Arts Center’s Circus Spire Youth Troupe members (mostly girls) that pull-ups are just warm-ups for really hard upper-body circus work like two-minute handstands, trapeze, rope, tissue and straps acts.

 “Pull-ups are a source of pride for these girls.  They laughed when we presented the article to them today.  Then they got really quiet.  I could tell they were mad.”  says Jaron Hollander, Artistic Director and Co-Owner for Kinetic Arts Center.   “These girls bust out pull-ups for breakfast.  And the Circus Spire troupers aren’t the only girls here doing pull-ups.  Almost every day at Open Gym you can find any number of professional women circus performers working on acts which require amazing upper body strength.  You can’t perform a beautiful circus act without doing the pull-ups.”  

Kinetic Arts Center, home to   These Circus Spire Youth Troupe members take their circus training very seriously at Kinetic Arts Center.  Troupers spend up to 20 hours a week training, conditioning and training some more by highly experienced circus and theater professionals.   Every March audiences witness their hard work in typically edgy, European-based circus productions at Kinetic Arts Center.   Circus for a Revolutionist is their current show opening March 7, 2013. 

“Aerial, acrobatics and clowning are staples of the circus troupe, but what really sets them apart from other groups is their theatricality and character development – and their pull-ups,” said Victoria Angello, Managing Director for Kinetic Arts Center. “Our kids take their pull-up very seriously, and their pursuit of perfection in their pull-up goals as well as all their circus acts training is something to be emulated.  After reading the NY Times article, they all got really quiet for a sec and then almost simultaneously starting talking about how they were going to prove the article wrong!  It was a palpable moment filled with the energy of 20 physically strong and highly self-confident, outspoken girls.  It was really cool.  It took them only minutes to disprove the article with their stellar show of pull-ups.  Take that NY Times Magazine.”

            “The best part about doing pull-ups is how they make your arms look so strong.” says Sarah Tiffin, a Circus Spire troupe member for the past three years and a Berkeley High School Sophomore.  “Last year at school, I was walking down the hall to go to my class and a guy, a senior guy,  poked my bicep and said ‘Girl, you have some big guns!’  I loved that.”  Sarah says with a smile.

About Kinetic Arts Center

Kinetic Arts Center is the premier facility in the East Bay for circus, physical theater and fitness programs. Kinetic Arts Center offers both adult and children’s classes, 2,600 square feet of circus performance space, aerial equipment, summer and vacation camps, dance, Pilates classes and parties for all ages.  Founded in 2008, Kinetic Arts Center is host to over 75 circus and circus related classes a week in addition to a variety of circus productions.


About Jaron A. Hollander, Artistic Director – “Hilarious” and a “First-Class Clown” says

the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jaron A. Hollander, Artistic Director for Kinetic Arts has performed with the international Cirque du Soleil and locally with Make*A*Circus.  Most recently he and his clown partner Slater Penney have been performing their The Submarine Show, which was dubbed “hilarious” by the San Francisco Chronicle.  The Submarine Show recently won the 2011 S.F. Fringe Festival’s Best of Fringe.  Just back from tour at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival the said, “To call the Californian Kinetic (Arts Center)’s two-man production a mine show is to fail to do it true justice,  .  .   .  performances melding hilarity, excitement and a sense of furious, madcap wonder into a highly satisfying whole.”


Contact Information

To learn more about the Circus Spire Youth Troupe visit

For press inquiries please e-mail Victoria Angello at or call 510-444-4800.

Visit our FaceBook page at Kinetic Arts Center for video of members doing, well, pull-ups of course!! 



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