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Youth Performance Programs – Audition Information

Click the link below to see this year’s Audition Packet/Information for audition information and general program details.

Now Updated for the 2018-2019 Season Auditions!

Circus Spire & CK4 Performance Information and Audition Packet (Printer Friendly PDF)


We are Seeking Serious Circus Students for Positions Open in

Circus Spire Youth Troupe & Circus Kids 4 Performance (CK4) Youth Troupe: 2018-2019 Season

Audition Date: Sun, June 24, 2018
Time: 9:30am Check-in/Warm-up; 10am Start (Approx 3 hours)

Audition Materials Due: June 8, 2018

In Both Programs We are Looking for
Students with Skills in the Following Areas:


Dance/Aerial Arts

Clowning/Drama/Theatre Arts

For questions or more information:
Please Contact Carrie Kretzer, Company Manager

See below for descriptions for both of our Youth Performance Programs


Cir-cus [sur-kuhs] – noun:Marieke on Rope

a large public entertainment, usually with a troupe of performers, typically presenting in tents or theatres, featuring exhibitions of pageantry and feats of skill and daring, interspersed throughout with the antics of clowns.

Spire [spahyuhr] – noun:

the highest point or summit of something: the spire of a hill; the spire of one’s profession. -verb: to shoot or rise into spire-like form; rise or extend to a height in the manner of a spire.

Circus Spire – noun:

Kinetic Arts’ troupe of young performers, reaching towards high points of achievement in the art of circus pageantry and daring feats of physical theatre, while encouraging the antics of clowns.

Kinetic Arts Center’s Circus Spire Youth Performance Troupe (13 – 18 years) is a pre-professional, multi-disciplinary circus youth troupe committed to excellence in circus arts training and performance. Circus Spire provides as many formal and informal performance opportunities in as many circus arts skills available to us. These opportunities include (but not limited to): multi-week, full-length productions, individual act development, local off-site festivals and events, on-site special events (i.e., birthday parties), showcases/cabarets.

Although Kinetic Arts Center knows not everyone participating in the Circus Spire program dreams of running away to the circus as a life-choice, we provide training and focus as if they do. This way everyone can have a choice AND all participants are trained at the highest level of expertise. We know that by providing this training opportunity to each Circus Spire member in a safe and enriching environment, each child will be a better and more empowered individual than they were before. Although many of our students go on to enroll in professional circus training programs in other places as well as tour with other circuses around the country, most important is that every child in Circus Spire will know throughout their lives they can reach personal goals because they have already done so in circus.


Illumniated Circus at KAC May 2018

Circus Kids 4 Performance (CK4) is designed for the younger or beginning circus student (9-13 yrs) who is more serious about their circus training and is looking to add more performance skills to their experience.

CK4 is an audition-based program. Auditions are generally at the beginning of each school year. CK4 season runs from October through June (9 months). Program objectives include (but not limited to): a more detailed understanding of the language used throughout all circus mediums, increased awareness in body posture and engagement, increased training in physical theatre, aerial arts, balance, acrobatics, partner acro, juggling, and strength and conditioning. The class structure is designed to teach kids how to perform circus skills including linking skills and practicing incorporating character and mood into their performances. A weekend of shows is tentatively scheduled for April.

Time Commitment:

CK4 meets two (2) days a week for 2hrs per class

September – February: Thursdays and Tuesdays

March – May: Additional Rehearsals added to the schedule

A nine (9) month commitment is required

It is expected that CK 4: Performance students will take additional specialty classes (add-on classes) like Acrobatics, Physical Theatre or Trapeze, Rope and Tissue classes. 10-class packages will be offered to these students at a 15% discount. The skills learned in their add-on classes will be brought into and enhanced in the CK 4 program.

Although not a pre-requisite to auditioning for Circus Spire Youth Troupe, we anticipate many of the students in this program will train so they can be better prepared to audition for the youth troupe or other similar programs. Acceptance in CK 4 does not guarantee acceptance to Circus Spire Youth Troupe nor is it required that CK 4 students audition for the troupe.

Pre-Requisites: Student must be willing to push themselves during conditioning and stretching, have a basic understanding of acrobatics and aerial, experience in balance and object manipulation, and be willing to take risks on stage. Each student should have a coach recommendation. Ages: 9 – 13 or by Recommendation

Please contact Carrie Kretzer for more details. or by phone at 510-444-4800

Photography by Shoot That Clown