What People Are Saying About Us

Kinetic Arts Center is located just off the highway in Oakland and is a clean, nice space. They have an enormous parking lot in the back too, which is super convenient. The receptionists are so warm and accommodating, A++! You can just tell Kinetic Arts Center is run by people who love circus arts, and want you to have that same amazing experience as well! No one is out to nickle and dime you, and everyone is ready to go out of their way to ensure you have a fantastic experience!
– Sarah T, San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to say thank you for a great experience with my first performance! It is really special that Kinetic Arts Center staff is so supportive of the adult showcase. Thanks again!
Dawn H., Oakland, CA

What a great time! We just saw the show “Inversion: A Disobedient Circus” at the Kinetic Arts Center. The all tween and teen troupe wowed the audience with daring kinetic and entertaining circus acts — climbing/spinning/hanging from ropes, straps, hoops, trapeze, and “tissue”; crazy group juggling; flips/rolls/group and solo balancing/hand stands/contortion; and fun comedic episodes woven in. The art director obviously had a good eye and good feel — the visuals from make-up to sets to choreography of stunts were a treat; and the characters, storyline, and rhythm kept the audience well-entertained.
– Brian R., Oakland, CA

I have to pass on to the high school students who performed at the EBI fundraiser a couple of weeks ago at the Claremont that they were over the top magnificent! They were professional, interesting, and amazingly skillful. Kudos to them – really impressive. As a musician, I know that being “background” entertainment can be particularly difficult.”
Parent & Escuela Bilingue International Fundraiser Attendee

This is a truly soulful place. A place to get an unbelievably good workout, yes – but also, a true arts center, a real community, populated by very *real* and down-to-earth people, students and instructors alike. I’ve only been going for a  couple of weeks, to the trapeze and Pilates classes, but I already love it here and feel like it’s home.
-Sandra C, Oakland, CA

Our 7 year old has been taking circus classes here for a couple of months and I can not say enough good about the place!  The teachers (in our case Slater and Gina) are fun, funny, kind, attentive and also have as much energy as the kids!
-Chrissy C, Alameda, CA

I love them!!! they have been fantastic when it comes to fun and exercise for my son. they have the biggest patience and the best understanding of the ups and downs of young boys.
But best of all, the Thursday morning Pilate’s class with Emily has built up my stamina, reconnected me with my core, in a fun jovial and never over top manner. Emily is completely understanding of bodily limitations and yet will provide you with enough support to slowly reconnect with that part of you that you thought long gone and without reprieve.
Thank you Emily!!!!
– Suzy H., Berkeley, CA

This place is the bee knee’s for circus training and fitness! Jaron is top notch for character work and rope work. Here, there is literal clowning around, as I think a proper circus school should have.
The staff and faculty here are great! They care about their students and recognize that customer service is truly an important thing.
Tall ceiling and huge space! This place is cavernous. It feels like about 25 ft when I climb their silks and rope…
Their squishy blue mat, totally does NOT smell like feet! Whenever I go into a fitness facility I always expect a certain fragrance about the place.  It is such a treat to be training in a school that doesn’t smell like a good cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese and I really do enjoy the various other circus schools around the Bay, but cheesey mats while training is not the most ideal of situations.
KAC I hearts you!
– Christina L., San Francisco, CA

Disclaimer – I’ve only taken Pole Fit & Play classes here. These are the most affordable, encouraging, fun, supportive, and ass kicking pole dance classes in the bay.
-Sean Michael R, Berkeley, CA

Emily’s Sunday 5-6:30 aerial  circuit class is fantastic!  For the past year Emily’s class has been my sip of sanity before my work week begins.  Our work out both challenges me physically, and allows me to feel accomplished.  It is always engaging as we use a wide variety of equipment: rope, tissue, trapeze, Pilates balls, Thera-bands, agility boards.  In addition to physical challenges, we do a lot of core strengthening work.  Our work together is so inspiring, that I often wake up early mid-week to indulge my craving for Pilates and Yoga strengthening exercises.  My students and co-workers get a kick out of seeing me practice on the jungle gym at recess during the week. I recommend this class without reservation-See you there!
– Tara M., Oakland, CA

what a fantastic school! We’ve gone twice now and my daughter (5.5 yrs) loves it. The owners and staff are exceptional. Slater is so great with kids, he keeps them engaged but also keeps them in line which is nice. They all love him. It’s a great environment and experience. I highly recommend you check it out!
– Jen M., Oakland, CA

My 11 year old daughter has been training with Coach Jaron Hollander on static trapeze for over a year. She is a member of the youth performance troupe.The entire program is awesome! She is a type 1 diabetic and the focus on strength, safety, performance, fun and entertainment has only made her a stronger person. Adult programs too. Check it out!!
– Barbara S., Oakland, CA

We love Kinetic Arts! Great teachers who really take excellent care of kids and teach incredible skills. We feel like we are part of a wonderful circus community.
Thanks Victoria, Jaron, Jennifer and everyone else at Kinetic Arts.
– Jeff F. ,Oakland, CA

This place ROCKS!  I want a community  – for me and my kids — where we can exercise our bodies, hearts and souls.  This place is just plain warm – with laughter, love and the flush of exercise.
– Elsa S,. Berkeley, CA

There are several awesome things about this place. One is that they have kids classes concurrent with adult classes. YES! Gone are the days when I have to either follow my kid around during class or sit on my ass being bored. My 2.5 yr old loves his classes with Slater and I get a good circus-y workout with Jaron.
A great space, good location with parking and they have a great variety of classes including flexibility and yoga.
– Laura L., Oakland, CA

Thanks for accommodating our brownie troop.
They had a great time.  Today was what girl scouts
should be about…..having fun…learning more about
yourself and then sharing it with others in a silly kind
of way.  We’ll be back.  Thanks again.
Lori Admokom and Troop 32158

*amazing* workout and super fun!  i won a lesson with emily in a silent auction and she was great- very attentive to form so you don’t hurt yourself while stretching and doing the tricks, and also good at adapting to everyone’s skill level.  we did a bit of climbing up ropes (i feel so badass even with my wimpy arms), flipping around trapeze bars, and hanging by our legs on aerial silks (wha??  no hands??).  i can see how this could get addictive.  this is literally the best full body workout activity i’ve ever done (with martial arts and climbing coming in as seconds)- great core and arm strength training plus flexibility and balance.
i’m pretty sure your first class is free, so you should at least try it once for yourself.  i would seriously consider making this my new workout if i lived closer :/
also p.s. super queer friendly.  well, it’s the circus so duh.
– Kristin M, awkward girl in the back of the club.  San Francisco, CA

My five-year-old daughter does their after-school Circus Kids class on Wednesdays and absolutely *loves* it.   Her instructor, Slater, is not just knowledgeable about circus arts but can masterfully deal with the meltdowns that inevitably come with working with small children.  He teaches the kids real circus skills AND self-care, such as reminding them to drink water at regular intervals.  I am completely impressed with him, and the rest of the staff are very friendly and professional as well.   Parents are welcome to stay and watch their kids or drop them off, which works really well for me since my work schedule is rather unpredictable.   My daughter is now saying she wants to be a circus performer when she grows up,  and I am happy to pay for her to take classes here for years and years to come.   Highly recommended!
– Karin W., Oakland, CA

Loved this place! I had never done this before so wasn’t sure what to expect, I had a great time!  I took the mixed aerial arts class, it was very well structured, they pay a lot of attention to safety and form, they teach you how to do it right the first time! The atmosphere is very welcoming, professional and FUN! Easy to find and they have parking.
– Gaynor J., Benicia, CA