Artist in Residence Program

The Kinetic Arts Center’s Artist-In-Residence program (AIR) offers performance artists a supportive environment to further the creative development of specific performance projects.  Located in the vibrant city of Oakland, CA, artists will have access to dedicated daytime rehearsal time and space, supportive production expertise, and interaction with industry colleagues to give life to their projects.

2020 Season Request for Applications

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Artist in Residency, Kinetic Arts Center 2020

Kinetic Arts Center is now accepting applications for our 2020 AIR season.  The 2020 season runs from November/December 2019 through April 2020 with one to two performance opportunities available:

  • January 24 – February 2, 2020 and/or
  • March 27 – April 5, 2019

Generally, rehearsals (including tech week) run for four weeks with an additional three-weekend performance schedule, but artists are encouraged to specify how much time they need for their project.   All performances and rehearsals are in the Studio Stage, an intimate 45-50 seat ‘black box’ theatre with 1 – 2 points, 16’ – 18’point heights, ~ 18’w x 18’d performance space on a laminate, sprung dance floor.

Circus Nonsense, 2019

Who Should Apply?
Artists from diverse multidisciplinary fields are encouraged to apply and must present a project that culminates in a multi-day, multi-week production run. While Kinetic Arts Center may prefer artists with a concentration in circus, movement, physical theatre, clown, etc., we do encourage visual artists, composers, writers, dancers, and playwrights, among others to apply.

All artists should be established in their field and represented by a working and descriptive website, portfolio and/or performance equivalent resume. Preference will be given to projects which have ‘some legs under them’ and want to use this AIR to grow into the next stage of artistic development.

Void, 2017 – Flux Vertical Theatre

Compensation and Expenses
The purpose of AIR participation is to develop projects from concept to performance.  While a multiple weekend run is required, and tickets will be sold to each event, any tickets sales (or other revenue) derived from the AIR will be applied to cover production expenses incurred by Kinetic Arts Center.  Artists should not expect to be paid for any performances, workshops or teaching arrangements unless specifically detailed in the final agreement(s).

Artists are responsible for their own travel costs, most equipment (props, circus equipment, etc.,) most materials, and all living expenses.  The AIR will provide limited graphic and administrative support, out-of-pocket expenses for promotion materials and directorial hours (TBD).  Additional, designers, choreographers, costumes, props, videography, photography, etc., will be the responsibility of the artists.

Award Package
While the following details the bulk of the AIR award, we recognize that each project is different and encourage a discussion of individual needs to bring a project to life.

Each project will receive:

  • Use of the Studio Stage at Kinetic Arts Center for ~12-16 hours a week of daytime rehearsal time generally starting four (4) weeks prior to the production run,
  • Use of the Studio Stage as a performance space ~three – six shows a weekend for two consecutive weekends (~40 seat intimate ‘black box’ theatre),
  • ~20hrs of directing and technical support including lighting, sound and technical rehearsals,
  • Marketing support including, postcards, exposure on KAC website, e-newsletters, etc., and use of Kinetic Arts Center’s extensive PR list, TBA postcard distribution,
  • Show technician and KAC Admin Staff (box office and house staff) in attendance at all performances.

Requirements of the Artists
As part of the Kinetic Arts Center community, Artists are expected to participate in the following ways (but not limited to as detailed in an AIR Agreement generated upon acceptance):

  • Interact with other faculty and students at KAC (workshops and specialized classes can be developed to offer the community in addition to possible teaching opportunities),
  • Use current connections and social media to promote your show,
  • Distribute posters and postcards in likely locations, complete all calendar listings and generate PR, etc., to help promote your show,
  • Make all current photos, press releases, blogs, etc., available on your website and available for use by KAC,
  • Be willing to be photographed, filmed, and/or interviewed for KAC archives and website,
  • Be responsible for the set up and clean-up of each rehearsal and performance,
  • Be willing to use and site Kinetic Arts Center (including logos) in future productions coming out of this residency for at least five years,
  • Have a well-developed and working website for the project including well-thought out branding, marketing pieces (press releases, links to PR, head and promo shots, etc.).

Application Process

Applications will be accepted either electronically or via hard copy until Sept 7, 2019. Awards will be announced by the end of the week of Sept 14, 2019 via email (accepted or not). You will be asked to submit your project proposal, resume/artist statement, and six to ten images or digital samples of your work. Projects with multiple artists need only apply as one project. Please submit resumes/artist statements, etc., for each artist involved in the project. Please submit multiple projects from one artist as separate proposals.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jaron Hollander, Artistic Director:

2020 Artist-In-Residence Application
Please complete the following questions and provide materials listed below via US Mail or email to Kinetic Arts Center, 785 7th Street, Oakland, CA 94607, Attn: Jaron Hollander or  Applications for the 2020 AIR program are accepted until September 7, 2019.  Awards will be announced by September 14, 2019.

One application per project, please.

  1. Please give us a detailed Project Description.
  2. In 200 words or less, pitch us your show/project idea.
  3. What is the performance outcome you hope to achieve through this AIR?
  4. If this project is a production in development, please show us the progression from your original concept to the performance outcome you want?
  5. If you require special performance equipment, what is it (e.g., single point for aerial acts and a mat, fog, scenic painting, rain, etc.)?
  6. How many weeks do you require for rehearsals?
  7. Please indicate which performance slot you would prefer (rehearsals run approximately four weeks prior to opening weekend).
  8. Feel free to provide additional information!

Additional Materials – each project must provide the following.  In addition, every artist involved in the project must provide individual pieces of the following:

  • Resume and artist statement
  • Performance/Production References
  • Six – Ten images or digital samples of your work
  • Please provide all the links where we can find your collateral pieces in addition to hard or original copies of these pieces.  While not imperative, we do encourage you to have a developed website and public collateral of your idea above or other projects you have completed.

Download the Print Friendly PDF:
Artist in Residency, Kinetic Arts Center 2020

Photography by Shoot That Klown