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Seeking Pre-Professional and Professional Circus Artists for Circus Injury Study

Stephanie Greenspan of Circus Injury Research is looking for Pre-professional (6+ hours training/week & 2+ shows/year) and Professional circus artists ages 13 and up for a research study about injuries in circus artists. We hope to learn more about what injuries occur with different types of circus training and how often in order to work towards better strategies for preventing injuries and keeping circus artists healthy.

The commitment for participation in the study is one year and includes the following:

  • Completing a medical and training history form.
  • An initial screening: 1-hour physical therapy exam of posture, strength, flexibility, joint motion, and balance.
  • Completing an online log of your circus training each week for one year (If you complete the study we will offer you a summary of this information & a $50 Amazon gift card as a thank you).
  • A 20-30 minute physical therapy exam for any circus-related injuries that occur over the year.

For more info go to or contact Stephanie Greenspan PT, DPT, OCS, NCS at

Circus Movement & Injury Research

Instagram: @circus_research

Facebook: @circusresearch