Summer Classes

Running June 6 – Aug 12 —  Enroll Now!

Hurrah!  Many Travel Restrictions are Lifting in Time for Some Serious Summer Fun!  We’ve Just Made it Easier to Continue Your Circus Training, too.

Summer Circus Classes are Running  June 6 – August 12.  Start a New Class – Continue with Your Favorite Class.   

To help you keep training and give you maximum scheduling flexibility, enjoy a Summer Circus Special Pricing on our popular 10-Class Package.

10-Classes for the price of 7! 

Price:  $315 for 10 classes to be used over 12 weeks of offerings (between June 5 – Sept 4th).  That is a savings of $135 over regular 10-Class pricing(1) and you can purchase this limited offer package online.  

THIS OFFER HAS A LIMITED NUMBER OF PACKAGES AVAILABLE FOR SALE.  Please reach out to or call at 510-444-4800 if you have questions.   

This Summer Expect to Choose from Classes like: 

  • Intro to Trapeze, Rope & Tissue and Rope & Tissue for beginner adults on Mondays,
  • Air Ballet with Kate Hutchinson on Tuesdays,
  • Lyra – all ages and levels on Wednesday and Thursdays,
  • Handstands on Wednesdays,
  • Saturdays  – Trapeze, Rope & Tissue for ages 6 – 8 and older at beginning and intermediate levels.

* NEW THIS SUMMER – A separate offering of 4 – 5 day Intensive Classes where you can focus on skill development in targeted apparatus or art forms.  Intensive Classes are developed and run by many of your favorite coaches.  Visit Intensive Classes page for more information. *


(1) Summer Special Pricing Packages Expire on Sept 4th