Highly recommended!

My five-year-old daughter does their after-school Circus Kids class on Wednesdays and absolutely *loves* it.   Her instructor, Slater, is not just knowledgeable about circus arts but can masterfully deal with the meltdowns that inevitably come with working with small children.  He teaches the kids real circus skills AND self-care, such as reminding them to drink water at regular intervals.  I am completely impressed with him, and the rest of the staff are very friendly and professional as well.   Parents are welcome to stay and watch their kids or drop them off, which works really well for me since my work schedule is rather unpredictable.   My daughter is now saying she wants to be a circus performer when she grows up,  and I am happy to pay for her to take classes here for years and years to come.   Highly recommended!

Karin W.Oakland, CA