*amazing* workout and super fun!

i won a lesson with emily in a silent auction and she was great- very attentive to form so you don’t hurt yourself while stretching and doing the tricks, and also good at adapting to everyone’s skill level.  we did a bit of climbing up ropes (i feel so badass even with my wimpy arms), flipping around trapeze bars, and hanging by our legs on aerial silks (wha??  no hands??).  i can see how this could get addictive.  this is literally the best full body workout activity i’ve ever done (with martial arts and climbing coming in as seconds)- great core and arm strength training plus flexibility and balance.
i’m pretty sure your first class is free, so you should at least try it once for yourself.  i would seriously consider making this my new workout if i lived closer :/
also p.s. super queer friendly.  well, it’s the circus so duh.

Kristin M, awkward girl in the back of the club.  San Francisco, CA