Circus In The Time Of COVID-19

(July 2022) During this summer surge of COVID cases, please test often and if you feel off at all (even if you test negative), call and cancel your enrollment or attendance (this includes Circus Campers).  Everyone must WEAR A MASK while in class and/or the building.  

If a family member tests positive (or is negative and sick), please test each morning before attending class or camp.  If YOU test positive, please stay home and return after five (5) days following no symptoms and a negative test.  

Our Staff and Coaches are Vaccinated and We Politely Request that all Our Students and Visitors are Vaccinated, Too.

As you know, mandates and recommendations can change rapidly.  Kinetic Arts Center adheres to COVID-19 related directives from Alameda County, the State of California, and City-wide mandates and augments these with our own conservative initiatives.
At this time, KAC is requiring all vaccine eligible participants/visitors to be vaccinated beginning Feb 1st (see below).  All clients will be asked for a valid vaccination status and recorded in your profile when possible.  Visitors to performances or to view classes are also required to present valid vaccination status.  We require mask usage for all – indoors and out.  We will continue to honor any missed classes or unused packages due to this illness. Finally, your privacy is always our top concern and we will never share any of your health-related information.
Stay safe and Think Positive Thoughts; Negative Tests