This place is the bee knee’s for circus training and fitness!

Here, there is literal clowning around, as I think a proper circus school should have.
The staff and faculty here are great! They care about their students and recognize that customer service is truly an important thing.
Tall ceiling and huge space! This place is cavernous. It feels like about 25 ft when I climb their silks and rope…
Their squishy blue mat, totally does NOT smell like feet! Whenever I go into a fitness facility I always expect a certain fragrance about the place.  It is such a treat to be training in a school that doesn’t smell like a good cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese and I really do enjoy the various other circus schools around the Bay, but cheesey mats while training is not the most ideal of situations.
KAC I hearts you!

Christina L.San Francisco, CA