Flying Colors, 2015 CK4

Circus Gilly

Circus Gilly is designed for students (9-13 yrs) who are serious about their circus training and for those who want to add performance skills to their experience. Circus Gilly students express a desire to challenge themselves in training and on stage.  Circus Gilly is an audition-based program. Auditions are generally held at the close of the academic year.  Training runs from Aug through May and occur at least two days a week.

2023-24 Season Auditions are Scheduled for Sunday, June 25, 2023.  Audition Applications are Due, June 12.

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Program objectives include building a more comprehensive circus vocabulary, improved body awareness, and training in physical theatre, aerial arts, acrobatics, partner acro, juggling, and strength and conditioning. Circus Gilly teaches budding circus artists how to perform circus skills while incorporating character and mood into their performances. Many Circus Gilly members successfully audition for the Circus Spire program.  Two weekends of performances are usually held in May.


Images of Previous Circus Gilly Shows 


Photography by:

Eric Gillet || Shoot That Klown

Rowan Littell || Haphazard Imagination